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Business-savvy entrepreneur Richard Raley serves as the President of Kuwait-based American United Logistics, a prominent logistical services and distribution firm engaged in myriad projects throughout Iraq and Kuwait. Co-founded in 2003 by Richard Raley, American United Logistics employs a 100-person staff and specializes in high-quality, cost-effective surface transportation, container repair, civil engineering, and mobile servicing at a large compound at the port of Umm Qasr, Iraq.

Richard Raley and the executive team at American United Logistics oversee numerous ongoing projects in the Middle East, many of which the United States military commissioned. American United Logistics repairs damaged shipping containers for the U.S. Army at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, and dispatches fleets of trucks equipped with refrigerated containers to transport ice and perishable food items to U.S. troops stationed across Iraq. Under the vigilant leadership of Richard Raley, American United Logistics worked with The Boeing Company to deliver mechanical parts and training equipment to Camp Taji in Iraq, and transported equipment and furniture to Dubai and Egypt for the United Nations.

As a founding Partner of American United Logistics, Richard Raley has played an important role in the multi-million-dollar company’s success, and he contributes to its continued growth as President. In addition to years of professional business management experience, Richard Raley brings an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction to his position at American United Logistics. Richard Raley strives to forge lasting professional relationships with clients by delivering consistently outstanding results and exceptional personal service. American United Logistics has received a number of awards and citations, including the National Defense Transportation Association Quality Award and the Military Surface Deployment Distribution Quality Service Award.

Richard Raley received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Southwest Texas State University. Before co-founding American United Logistics, Richard Raley established and operated Royal Rewards Marketing. Richard Raley also completed a successful tenure as Vice President of Marketing and Sales at the international in-store merchandising firm SPAR Performance Group. Earlier in his career, Richard Raley owned and managed a prosperous auto dealership, which he sold after more than a decade.

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